David Björkén


Do you want to get a glimpse of Sarek National Park? Then this back and forth route is something for you!


LENGTH: 61 km

PAVED: 8 km


FOOD/ACCOMODATION: Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge about 25 km west of Tjåmotis



SEASON: Middle of June to middle of/late September


Sarek National Park is the most high alpine region in Sweden and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Laponia. It sometimes called the last wilderness of Europe. However, it’s also the backyard for the sámi villages of Jåhkågasska and Sirgge.

The characteristic mountain Skierffe and the Rapa Valley is probably the most recognized landmark of Sarek. Despite the remote location, it’s possible to pedal almost all the way to the border to get a glimpse of Skierffe. The road ends at a boat place, and many hikers bike there to continue on foot or by boat to Aktse mountain hut some 7 km away.

This description begins in the small village Tjåmotis, but it’s also possible to park at the bridge over the river Sijddoädno.

The first part of the road goes up to the Seitevare Hydro Powerplant. The height difference to the powerplant is about 200 m, and the last few hundreds of meters are around 10-12%.

When you pass the powerplant, the unpaved road begins. It goes through the Ultevis Nature Reserve in a wonderful forest. In the distance, you can see the snowy peaks in Sarek.

At the bridge over river Sijddoädno, there is a car parking, and from here, there is a small dirt road that takes you all the way to the boat place.


The Characteristic mountain Skierffe in Sarek National Park
Bridge over River Sijddoädno

This is a rather short and quite easy, but exciting route.


PAVED: 34 km


FOOD/ACCOMODATION: There are accomodation, groceries and shops in Jokkmokk. At the Arctic Circle, there is a café/shop.


SEASON: May to late September/beginning of October

SUPPORT: Outdoor store in Jokkmokk

The first part between Jokkmokk and Vaimat follows the E45. It’s a paved road, but the traffic intensity is rather low. After about 7 km you pass the Arctic Circle. During summer, there is an open café and shop here, and if you have a car, this could be a good starting point.

After the small village Vajmat, you turn right on an unpaved road that will take you north-west to the Karasj-road. If you’re not in a hurry, it could be a nice spot to take a break at the bridge over river Pärlälven (then turn left a few hundred meters, instead of right).

When you turn right, you will pedal on a paved road with some unpaved sections back to Jokkmokk

The small river Pärlälven is a beautiful small stream that passes nearby Puortnak on this route. It’s a popular stream for flyfishing.


LENGTH: 25 km

PAVED: 6 km

BIKE: MTB (CX/Gravel possible)




SEASON: May to October

SUPPORT: Jokkmokk

The Route begins in Jokkmokk. Follow the paved E97 6 kilometers slightly uphill. Turn left after 6 km on a gravel road, then right after about 200 meters on a small unpaved road that will take you to the top of Ruovddevárre. The STRAVA segment begins after you have turned right.

The climb is 2.96 km, with an average grade of 6%, but the steepest parts are quite nasty 17-18%.
From the top, you have a magnificent view over Jokkmokk, and in the distance, you can see the mountains of Sarek national park.

From the top, you then roll back a couple of hundred meters, then turn left on a small dirt road that goes through a wonderful forest and over a quite stony terrain to an old mine area.
From here there are three different roads down the mountain. The one most to the left is best. The paving consists of macadam.

From the bottom close to the lake Ruovddejávrre, just follow the old dirt road to a gravel road where you turn left. Be careful when you pass the railroad, during summertime, there is some railroad tourist traffic.

After a few kilometers, you will pass a train platform at the Arctic Circle where the tourist train stops, from there continue the road 400-500 meters and turn left. From here you follow the old work road, that is now something between a small dirt road and single track. It takes you back to Jokkmokk.
Be careful when passing the railroad.



LENGTH: 61 km

PAVED: 25 km


FOOD/ACCOMODATION: There are accomodation, groceries and shops in Jokkmokk.



SEASON: May to late September/beginning of October

SUPPORT: Outdoor store in Jokkmokk

Bike west along the Karats road out from Jokkmokk. After about 11 km, turn right to Purkijaur. Pedal over a bridge over a beautiful stream.

After about 13, km turn right and then hold left. Follow the lakeside on an unpaved road that gets more and more narrow until it’s more of a dirt road. There is a small climb into a beautiful pine forest, and then there is a short downhill stretch before the dirt road ends. Follow the track through the woods a couple of hundreds of meters until the crossing gravel road, where you turn right.

Bike all the way down to the paved Kvikkjokk Road at about 28 km. Turn left and then right after 1 km. After a small bridge, hold left. This is the start of the Báktevárre Gravel Climb. The climb is 4.95 km, with an average grade of 3%, with some stretches reaching 9%. Turn right after about 34,5 km.

When you reach the top, it’s slightly downhill all the way to the E97 road. Turn right and pedal back to Jokkmokk on the paved road. In the last part, there could be some traffic.

After the small bridge the Báktevárre Gravel Climb start


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PAVED: 37 km


First, you need a car to get to the start point from Jokkmokk.

This is a varied route with some good (new) tarmac, gravel, and forest road. If you have car, it’s possible to park along the road to Kvikkjokk. It doesn’t matter which direction you bike – counter-clockwise or clockwise. If you go counter-clockwise, you will hit the old forest road to Tjåmotis after the small village Nautijaur. The road is beautiful and you soon enter the Ultevis Nature Reserve with old pine forest. From the highest point you should see some of the high peaks in nearby Sarek National Park. There are many great campsites along the dirt road!

From Tjåmotis it is tarmac road back to the beginning (about 30 km). The road follows the north shore of lake Skalkká and is very beautiful.