This is not the alps, but it’s not completely flat either and, in combination with the stunning surrounding, these climbs is awsome!

The Dundret Hill Climb – a category 2 climb, is probably the toughest paved climb in Sweden. The Galtispuoda climb is not far behind, and with a 9% average gradient, it’s even a bit steeper.

With a Gravel- or Mountainbike, you can find real gems such as the long Ritsem Climb, that takes you over the tree line with gorgeous mountain views over mountain Áhkká. The Road between Ritsem and Sitasjaure is a pure mountain gravel heaven!

The extremely steep “Mortirolo of Jokkmokk”, the Ruotevare climb with sections around 18-20% is a real challenge! Can you make it with your gravel bike?

Murjek Climb

  • Road type Paved Road
  • Category 4
  • Length 2.68 km
  • Average grade 5%
  • Steepest grade 9-10%
  • Height difference 147 m
  • Bike Road/Gravel/CX/MTB

The Murjek Climb is a quite short paved climb that starts down at the Lule River. The slope is quite even, and the tarmac is rather good. On your right side, the Lule River valley opens up more and more as you climb.

Seitevare Climb

  • Road type Paved Road
  • Category 3
  • Length 4.43 km
  • Average grade 4%
  • Steepest grade 12%
  • Height difference 160 m
  • Bike MTB/Gravel/CX/Road

The Seitevare Climb is part of the Sarek Scenery Route and consists of the first paved part to the Seitevare Hydropower plant. It has an average gradient of about 4%, but the last ramp up on the dam reaches around 12%. When you reach the highest point, you will have great views of mountains in the Sarek National Park.

Seitevare Climb – part of the Sarek Scenery Route

Ruotevare Climb “The Mortirolo of Jåhkåmåhkke”

  • Road type Gravel road
  • Category 3
  • Length 2.96 km
  • Average grade 6%
  • Steepest grade 18-20%
  • Height difference 191 m
  • Bike MTB/Gravel/CX

As the “Mortirolo of Jokkmokk”, this gravel road reaches gradients of around 18-20% and is a real challenge. You will undoubtedly need your lowest gear! The climb starts just as you turn right on the road up to Ruotevare and begin modestly. After 1.5 kilometers, the hell starts, and the road ramps up to double-digit gradients. It’s possible to turn right close to the top on the Passo Ruovddevárre Route.

Ruotevare Climb – The Mortirolo of Jåhkåmåhkke! Expect a suffer feast!

Nietsavare Gravel Climb

  • Road type Gravel Road
  • Category 3
  • Length 4,65 km
  • Average grade 4%
  • Steepest grade 11%
  • Height difference 199 m
  • Bike MTB/Gravel/CX

The Messaure Hydro Powerplant is one of the largest in Sweden. On the east side, the gravel climb begins. The first part has the steepest sections before it begins to flatten out. In the first section of the climb, there is also a cold source with fresh water on the right side where you can fill your bottles. This is also the entrance to what we call the Gravel Heaven, an immense area south of Muddus/Muttos national park with almost endless gravel roads, marvelous taiga forests, and the beautiful Råne River.

Jarre Gravel Climb

  • Road type Gravel Road
  • Category 3
  • Length 5,39 km
  • Average grade 4%
  • Steepest grade 10%
  • Height difference 217 m
  • Bike MTB/Gravel/CX

The Jarre Gravel Climb is a 5.39 kilometer long gravel climb on the western slope of the mountain Jarre in the Pärlälven fjällurskogs naturreservat/Pärlälven mountain forest nature reserve. The road is closed for public car traffic. The surroundings are gorgeous with the large lake Karats behind you. It’s also quite easy to hike up on the mountain Jarre from which you will have great views over mountains in the Laponia World Heritage.

The Jarre Gravel Climb goes through the wonderful mountain forest of Pärlälven Mountain Forest Nature Reserve.
Experience the midnight sun from mountain Jarre

Ritsem Climb

  • Road type Paved/Gravel Road
  • Category 3
  • Length 7,39 km
  • Average grade 3%
  • Steepest grade 12%
  • Height difference 257 m
  • Bike Gravel/CX/MTB

The Ritsem climb is a rather long climb that starts in the small mountain village Ritsem. The first about 2 kilometers is a paved road. The road is closed for public car traffic, and there is a road boom you have to pass. The road is open for cyclists. Don’t forget to look back during the climb as you will have a marvelous view over the 2015 meter high mountain Áhkká. The first part is the steepest with gradients that reach up to 12% before it flattens out.

When you climb from Ritsem, you will have company of Áhkká, “the old mother”
The Road between Ritsem and Sitasjaure – Arctic Bike Life at its best, expect snow even in July


  • Road type Paved Road
  • Category 3
  • Length 3,46
  • Average grade 9%
  • Steepest grade 15-16%
  • Height difference 320 m
  • Bike Road/Gravel/CX/MTB

Galtispuoda/Gáldesbuovdda is a mountain/ski resort and nature reserve outside the city of Arjeplog. The climb is not as long as the Dundret Hill Climb, but it’s steeper with an average gradient of 9% with ramps up to 16%. It’s hard and a great challenge, but at the top, you get a reward in the form of a fantastic view of snow-capped mountains and the large lake system of lake Hornavan.

The Galtispuoda Climb – one of the toughest in the region, as well as in Sweden!
A 15% steep ramp at the Galtispuoda Climb. Lake Hornavan in the distance.

Dundret Hill Climb

  • Road type Paved Road
  • Category 2
  • Length 5,31 km
  • Average grade 7%
  • Steepest grade 15%
  • Height difference 375 m
  • Bike Road/Gravel/CX/MTB

The Dundret Hill Climb is one of the toughest paved climbs in Sweden, probably the toughest. It will take you up on the mountain Dundret nearby the town Gällivare. It has an average grade of around 7%, with some very steep sections. The Dundret Hill climb is also an annual hill climb competition. 

At the top with the chair lift in the background
The last section of the Dundret Hill Climb