Arctic Bike Life

Endless gravel roads, endless nights!

Probably one of the most exciting gravel areas in the world!
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The small city of Jokkmokk, or Jåhkåmåhkke lies about 7 km north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

The gravel roads are almost endless and the summer night are endless as well, as the sun never sets. For a gravel bike enthusiast it’s almost magic. You can pedal mile after mile without see any cars, but you probably see many reindeer and as bikes are quite silent, it’s not uncommon to spot moose from your sadle. And in the distance you can see the snow-cowered mountains of Sarek nationalpark.

Actually, the paved roads here makes few happy. This is gravel and snow country!

Jokkmokk is actually the most high alpine county in Sweden and has seven peaks over 2000 meters in Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet national parks. The national parks are also part of the Laponia world heritage. The city of Jokkmokk is between the mountain range to west and the waste taiga pine forests in the east.

The winter is long and cold. Some might think that this is a dark time, but the crystal clear skies with millions of stars and the majestic northern light illuminates the landscape in a peculiar way. This is also time for fatbiking on snow! On snowmobile and dog-sled tracks we can experience a truly unique way of experience cycling.

And after a ride you can always come back to the cosy small town of Jokkmokk and experience a marvellous athmospere with cultural meetings and food experience.

This is somehow what definies the Arctic Bike Life!

The midnight sun illuminate peaks in the Sarek National Park

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