Do you want to get a glimpse of Sarek National Park? Then this back and forth route is something for you!


LENGTH: 61 km

PAVED: 8 km


FOOD/ACCOMODATION: Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge about 25 km west of Tjåmotis



SEASON: Middle of June to middle of/late September


Sarek National Park is the most high alpine region in Sweden and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Laponia. It sometimes called the last wilderness of Europe. However, it’s also the backyard for the sámi villages of Jåhkågasska and Sirgge.

The characteristic mountain Skierffe and the Rapa Valley is probably the most recognized landmark of Sarek. Despite the remote location, it’s possible to pedal almost all the way to the border to get a glimpse of Skierffe. The road ends at a boat place, and many hikers bike there to continue on foot or by boat to Aktse mountain hut some 7 km away.

This description begins in the small village Tjåmotis, but it’s also possible to park at the bridge over the river Sijddoädno.

The first part of the road goes up to the Seitevare Hydro Powerplant. The height difference to the powerplant is about 200 m, and the last few hundreds of meters are around 10-12%.

When you pass the powerplant, the unpaved road begins. It goes through the Ultevis Nature Reserve in a wonderful forest. In the distance, you can see the snowy peaks in Sarek.

At the bridge over river Sijddoädno, there is a car parking, and from here, there is a small dirt road that takes you all the way to the boat place.


The Characteristic mountain Skierffe in Sarek National Park
Bridge over River Sijddoädno

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