Finally, some warm weather! After a grim and cold spring, and still quite a lot of snow in the forest, the warmth has finally come to the Arctic Lapland and soon time to get out on some bikepacking adventures!
This week I tried out some new bikepacking equipment, including new bags, new gravel tires, and an awesome little down sleeping bag from Pajak! Let’s take a look at the bags!

The BMC with its new bags

American brands Revelate Designs and Rogue Panda!

This summer, I will use bags from Alaskan company Revelate Designs and the Flagstaff/Arizona based company Rogue Panda – two companies with a lot of know-how of bikepacking. Rogue Panda describes themself as a company that “makes products that work so well that you hardly notice they’re there.”
Revelate Designs was founded in 2001 out of experiences from a two-month mountain bike tour in the Indian Himalayas.

Saddlebag – Revelate Designs Terapin 14 L

The saddlebag is a Revelate Designs Terapin with a capacity of 14L. It’s very sturdy and with excellent stability. I don’t even think of it when I ride the bike!
I pack my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, a down jacket, rain trousers, and a shell jacket in the saddlebag.

Handlebar bag – Revelate Designs Pronghorn 11 L

The handlebar bag is a Revelate Designs Pronghorn, a lightweight system with a bag made from Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF). I pack clothes, the kitchen, primus gas, and some small things in the handlebar bag. DCF (former known as cuben fiber) is very lightweight and sturdy.

Frame Bag – Rogue Panda Rolltop

The frame bag is a custom made frame bag made by Rogue Panda in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a rolltop closure and is very well made. A rolltop design is more water- and failproof than a zipper, but not as easy to use as a zipper. I pack tools, food, water, the tent pole, and some other stuff in it.

The Rogue Panda rolltop frame bag

Top tube bag – Revelate Designs Gas Tank

And on top, I have a small Revelate Designs Gas Tank for my small Sony RX100 MkVII camera, some Snickers, or what you want to grab during a ride.

If you’re interested in how to pack light for bike packing, don’t miss to read this article!