This is a rather short and quite easy, but exciting route.


PAVED: 34 km


FOOD/ACCOMODATION: There are accomodation, groceries and shops in Jokkmokk. At the Arctic Circle, there is a café/shop.


SEASON: May to late September/beginning of October

SUPPORT: Outdoor store in Jokkmokk

The first part between Jokkmokk and Vaimat follows the E45. It’s a paved road, but the traffic intensity is rather low. After about 7 km you pass the Arctic Circle. During summer, there is an open café and shop here, and if you have a car, this could be a good starting point.

After the small village Vajmat, you turn right on an unpaved road that will take you north-west to the Karasj-road. If you’re not in a hurry, it could be a nice spot to take a break at the bridge over river Pärlälven (then turn left a few hundred meters, instead of right).

When you turn right, you will pedal on a paved road with some unpaved sections back to Jokkmokk

The small river Pärlälven is a beautiful small stream that passes nearby Puortnak on this route. It’s a popular stream for flyfishing.

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