LENGTH: 25 km

PAVED: 6 km

BIKE: MTB (CX/Gravel possible)




SEASON: May to October

SUPPORT: Jokkmokk

The Route begins in Jokkmokk. Follow the paved E97 6 kilometers slightly uphill. Turn left after 6 km on a gravel road, then right after about 200 meters on a small unpaved road that will take you to the top of Ruovddevárre. The STRAVA segment begins after you have turned right.

The climb is 2.96 km, with an average grade of 6%, but the steepest parts are quite nasty 17-18%.
From the top, you have a magnificent view over Jokkmokk, and in the distance, you can see the mountains of Sarek national park.

From the top, you then roll back a couple of hundred meters, then turn left on a small dirt road that goes through a wonderful forest and over a quite stony terrain to an old mine area.
From here there are three different roads down the mountain. The one most to the left is best. The paving consists of macadam.

From the bottom close to the lake Ruovddejávrre, just follow the old dirt road to a gravel road where you turn left. Be careful when you pass the railroad, during summertime, there is some railroad tourist traffic.

After a few kilometers, you will pass a train platform at the Arctic Circle where the tourist train stops, from there continue the road 400-500 meters and turn left. From here you follow the old work road, that is now something between a small dirt road and single track. It takes you back to Jokkmokk.
Be careful when passing the railroad.


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