The small city of Jokkmokk, or Jåhkåmåhkke lies about 7 km north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

The gravel roads are almost endless and the summer night are endless as well, as the sun never sets. For a gravel bike enthusiast it’s almost magic. You can pedal mile after mile without see any cars, but you probably see many reindeer and as bikes are quite silent, it’s not uncommon to spot moose from your sadle. And in the distance you can see the snow-cowered mountains of Sarek nationalpark.

Some people believe the winters in Jokkmokk is harsh, long, and cold.
They are entirely right about that! But harsh, long and cold winters make warm and friendly people. And the best opportunities for arctic fat biking in the world! How could I say that?

Well, we have to thank the gulf stream! Without this warm ocean stream, the winter would get even colder. Now the temperatures drop just to -30°C, or sometimes down to -40°C – that is what I call bike-friendly temperatures!

Fatbiking on dogsled tracks on New Years Eve

When other people sit inside their homes playing with Zwift, we get out with our fatbikes, exploring snow-mobile and dog sled tracks. The days are short, but the moon, the stars, and sometimes the northern light illuminates the landscape.

Fatbiking north of the arctic circle is a truly mindblowing experience. It’s more of an adventure, a challenge between you and the elements, than a traditional bike ride.

Fatbiking on dog-sled tracks under the stars. Just -31°C