1. Bring a paper map

GPS is a good thing for sure but bring a paper map also. This is a remote area, and there is very little traffic on some of the routes. It’s not hard to navigate, but if the GPS runs out of battery, it’s always good to have a paper backup!

2. Don’t forget a spare tube, pump and some tools

If you get a flat tire, you have to be fully self-supported.

3. You don’t need to bring all water. Most water is safe!

Most waters from streams are safe to drink. Be careful with water from small stagnant water reservoirs. There are a lot of mires and morasses in the area. Water from streams passes through such areas could be brown colored. If it smells weird, don’t drink, and if you want to be sure, boil it. But we’re lucky to have great water quality, so the risk it’s dangerous is minimal.

4. Bring a rain jacket and gloves

The weather could change rapidly, and even during summer, the temperature could drop below 10°C during the daytime. On longer routes, bring gloves with long fingers and a rainjacket.

5. Bring mosquito repellent!

The Mosquitos could be annoying. Not so much when you’re on the bike as when you take a break. Bring a mosquito repellent! This is always mandatory if you go on an overnight bikepacking tour!

6. The mobile phone coverage could be bad in some areas

Meaning that you can not be sure to upload images to Instagram, or even call in some remote areas. It’s always most safe to ride with a pal, and if you want to add extra security, bring some satellite device such as a Garmin inreach.

7. First aid kit

If you do an OTB and scratching your knees, you will maybe need some band-aid. The health care is overwhelmingly good, but as this is remote, it could take some time to get back to the health center in Jokkmokk.

8. Don’t forget to bring some energy

You can’t stop and buy something along most of the routes, so bring bars, fruits, or what you want to eat along the route.

9. Don’t forget sun protection

From June to July, the Sun never sets, and in the same way, it can be quite cold during the day, it could also be hot with temperatures around 25° to 30°C. When you’re out on a long ride, it’s easy to burn the skin without protection.

10. Eat after your ride

Jokkmokk is famous for the local traditional food culture. After a long and hard ride, it’s great to sit down and enjoy great food and a local brew!

11. Don’t forget the camera

When you ride, you will undoubtedly encounter reindeer, but there is a big chance to see moose also. Besides animals, the views are often breathtaking.

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